Brad and Regina

Brad and Regina have been involved in missionary work in Guatemala since 1985. Following three and a half years on AIM, they were appointed as career missionaries in 1989. Their three sons were raised in Guatemala and were very active in ministry there. The Thompsons guided the UPC of Guatemala through the nationalization process in 2005. Since then all governing positions in the UPC of Guatemala have been filled by nationals. They are currently the supervising missionaries and Brad is the General Director of one of the UPC’s most successful overseas Bible college training programs. With a student body enrollment of over 600 and thirty-two schools established throughout the country, the Bible college has become the heart of the UPC of Guatemala and has added great strength, stability, and vision to the work.  Brad is the Regional Coordinator for GATS (Global Association of Theological Studies) and has been able to impact Bible school programs and train national teachers in many nations, both in their region and in other regions of Global Missions.  As a part of the Global Missions Curriculum Committee Brad coordinates the translation of Bible school materials into major world languages.  Brad and Regina believe that every child of God has a God called ministry and their heart beat is to make training and training materials available to pastors and laymen to empower them to reach their full potential in ministry.


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