Nathan and Halley


Nathan and Halley both served on the Associates In Missions program prior to their marriage in 2011. Halley served in Lithuania and Nathan served in Austria and Switzerland. After their marriage, their pastor Rick Maricelli asked them to remain at the Pentecostals of Lee Road and serve with the ministry for a period of time. Nathan worked for a contract company for Shell Oil in training/learning and Halley worked as a workers’ compensation claims examiner for an international company while they lived near New Orleans, Louisiana. Also during this time, they both worked with multicultural ministries in their local church by teaching Bible studies and Halley coordinated an ESL outreach. In 2014 they traveled back to Vienna, Austria, and taught in the Bible school. God opened the door for them to return to the mission field. With the support of their pastor, they moved to Zurich, Switzerland, in September 2015, to plant a church and assist with the mission of the German speaking fields.

Their church plant, The Pentecostals of Zurich, is an officially registered organization in Switzerland and holds a commercial license. Services are held in a rented room from a Reformed church in downtown Zurich. Both Nathan and Halley have gone through nine months of daily German lessons through Berlitz Language School and continue to work to be able to preach and teach Bible studies in German. They teach personal Bible studies and focus on disciple making. They have found personal evangelism has worked best with contacts and have used any excuse to invite people to church or their home (birthdays, tea parties, American holidays, etc.).

God continues to pour out His Spirit in Switzerland. Over the last two years Nathan and Halley have continued to focus on training and planting churches. They have begun working with Trinitarian works throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland, assisting with training. The region has seen at least fifty Trinitarian pastors baptized in Jesus' name and at least one hundred of the saints from the local assemblies baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost. They, along with the Pentecostals of Geneva, have opened a new preaching point in the city of Basel, Switzerland.

Nathan currently serves as the Youth Secretary for the German Speaking Fields Youth Division and he is also the administrator for Purpose Institute in Switzerland as well as assisting with the administration of the annual training program, Apostolic Ministry Training Center.

Halley serves as the editor of the Voice of the Vision magazine, a publication with three issues annually that are written by ministers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. God has given them great favor and opened doors not thought possible. Nathan and Halley also serve on the annual Malawi crusade team.

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