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Stephen received his call of God to become a missionary at the age of fourteen. Two years after this call Bennie and Pat Blunt, former missionaries to the island nation of Samoa, were scheduled to minister on deputation at his home church, Cornerstone UPC,in Winchester, Virginia. Upon leaving that service they invited his pastor back to Samoa where he was to preach their national youth camp. His pastor invited him to join him on this trip which introduced him to missions. In 2006 he enrolled at Gateway College of Evangelism, graduating in 2008 with an Associate Degree. He was approved on the Associates In Missions program in 2010 to the nation of Austria serving with the Robinettes. He served there until late 2013 when he transferred to the Pacific Region to work in Samoa as a Bible school teacher, with once again, Bennie and Pat Blunt. In 2014 he was appointed as an Associate Missionary to New Zealand and in September 2017, he was appointed as an intermediate missionary. He has assisted one of the national pastors, Wayen Goodare, in the further development of the South Island church in the city of Christchurch. He was elected as the South Island campus dean for the OIC missionary profile

GATS National Bible College of New Zealand. Later he was appointed as the National Youth President over both islands of New Zealand. Since that appointment, they have seen exponential spiritual growth in the youth. Upon returning to New Zealand he will be heading to one of the major college campus cities in the south, Dunedin, to endeavor to start a work there. There are already multiple contacts simply waiting for a UPC presence! The current mission statement for the whole of New Zealand is IMPART, EQUIP, SEND, with the vision to evangelize every region, district, city, town and suburb of New Zealand with the gospel of Jesus. Stephen and Angelica were married in 2019.

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