Dwayne and Linda


The Abernathys received their missionary appointment in 2011, after spending two and a half years on the Associates In Missions program in Guatemala. After a short deputation, they spent 2013 in Belize and at that time began extensive training, especially in the Mayan Indian community, then returned to the US to finish their deputation.

After a full deputation, they returned to the field in January 2016, with a plan to go district by district training local pastors and making better leaders out of them. They organized local boards and streamlined the district conference process. Ladies’ ministries, children’s ministries and youth ministries were all coordinated and grew at a
strong rate.

In November 2017, Dwayne took over as director of the Bible school and with a little promotion, Bible school attendance jumped from twenty-five to a record setting seventy-five first year students. December 2019 will be the largest graduation ever in Belize. In February 2018 Dwayne was appointed and ratified as the superintendent of the Belize work and began district training in all three districts.

Great revival has come to Belize. Some 2,000 have received the Holy Ghost and more than 1,000 baptized in Jesus’ name. During this term, fourteen churches and two new Bible school extensions were built.

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