Dan and Debbie


Missionary, South America, Chile

Dan and Debbie Barkley have always loved the work of God. He was a member of the International Youth Corps in 1973 and 1974. After pastoring for several years in southern Indiana, the Barkleys returned to Richmond, Indiana, to work with Endtime Ministries (EM) and traveled extensively in the U.S. teaching prophecy. He designed and laidout the ministry’s internationally known Endtime magazine. His greatest achievement while at EM was the website, possibly one of the most visited sites of its kind in the world, receiving as many as two million hits per day. She served as tour coordinator and head of bookkeeping at EM and handled the accounting for the Richmond church. The Barkleys labored in Argentina as associates in missions before being appointed as missionaries to Chile in March 2004. He serves as an advisor to the national board and is active in leadership development and in seminars throughout Chile.


Dan: evangelism, teaching, conducting Faith Promise services

Debbie: ladies' ministries, finances, finance seminars


Dan's birthday is August 2nd and Debbie's birthday is April 29th.


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