J.R. and Janet

In July 1988, J. R. and Janet Black began their missionary work in the Bahamas as Associates in Missions.

In May 1989, they received their appointment as Career Missionaries to the Bahamas. Their task was to strengthen the existing church in the Apostle's doctrine and to provide support for future leadership and outreach. During their last year in the Bahamas, they helped purchase property in Grand Bahama, and to establish a fellowship of over 250 in three island locations.

In October 1995, the Global Missions Board added an appointment to “Spanish Caribbean.” Relocating to Puerto Rico, Brother Black managed the Bible School and was also involved in church planting and evangelism throughout the Caribbean basin.

In August 1999, the Foreign Missions Board added the ABC Islands to his appointment. The church assembly in Curacao, is now pastored by Brother and Sister Waner Merisier, and has grown to over 200 members, and now owns their property and building.

In September 2015, Brother and Sister Black returned to the Bahamas to raise up a bible school and open new works.


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