Marcus and Renee


Marcus and Renee Brainos are graduates of Texas Bible College, where they met and married. He taught ExCell Bible College classes (an extension of Texas Bible College) for eight years. Brother Brainos grew up in France and has always had a burden for the country and to be able to minister to the people. In March of 2004, Brother and Sister Brainos received their missionary appointment to France. Upon their arrival on the field, he began teaching in the Bible school, working on French literature, and participating in all facets of church ministry and outreach. The Brainos family was also furlough replacements in Chatellerault, France, during the Brochu's deputation. Renee Brainos has been consistently involved with Sunday school ministry; and after attending language school, is teaching Sunday school in French. The Brainos children, Christopher, Philippe, and Morgan have been active in youth, music and Sunday school ministries. Brother and Sister Brainos look forward to planting a new church upon their return to the field.


Marcus: preaching, bible school teaching, teaching, conducting Faith Promise services

Renee: ladies' ministries, children's ministries, Sunday school ministries


Marcus' birthday is January 7th and Renee's birthday is August 28th.


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