Jack and Michiko


Missionary, Asia, Thailand

Dr. Jack Coolbaugh, Ph.D., is a nuclear engineer. He is also a man with a burden, which compelled him to quit his secular job and go to Thailand as a self-supported associate in missions in 1994. Since then, except for one eight-month period, he and his wife have been in full-time ministry in Thailand. They opened a Bible school in 1999 in northern Thailand using rented facilities for the first three years, doing “all the planning, administration, funding, record-keeping, teaching, translation, organizing, controlling and scheduling.” In February 2001 they began construction on the new Isaac Keyes Memorial Bible School located on four acres, and they also received their appointment as UPCI missionaries to Thailand in May of that year. The school with housing capacity for 32 students plus staff was completed in September 2002, and a portion of the administration and teaching functions are now being carried by Thai staff.


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