George and Cheryl


Regional Evangelist, Europe/Middle East

After being appointed in September 1971, George and Cheryl Craft evangelized in Britain and assisted in the headquarters church in London, England, for one year. They moved to The Netherlands where they ministered until 1991, staring works in Hoofddorp and Dordrecht. In 1991 the FMD granted the Crafts appointment to Eastern Europe where they taught Bible schools in Yugoslavia and Hungary. Since 1995 the Crafts have been doing training and evangelism in 16 countries of Europe as well as teaching special seminars in Asia and South America. His travels in the last term have been primarily in Estonia, Serbia, Ukraine, and Hungary for the monthly Pastors College while answering invitations to minister in all parts of Eastern Europe.


George: teaching, pastor training, Bible school teacher, leadership seminars, relationship seminars, conducting Faith Promise services

Cheryl: teaching, music ministry, author of two books


George's birthday is January 15th and Cheryl's birthday is July 9th.


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