Darry and Kathy


Regional Director, South America

Darry and Kathy Crossley’s involvement in Argentina began in July 1974 under the Overseas Ministries program. Their initial responsibility was to help set up the Bible school program in Buenos Aires. They taught in the Bible school, set up national financial books, pastored in San Justo, and held revivals and seminars. They returned to the States in October 1975 to receive their missionary appointment. Through the years Darry Crossley held every office on the national board and pastored the Central Church. He was elected as president of the UPC of Argentina in 1982. He was kept very busy administrating and coordinating the national work, teaching in seminars and in the Bible school, and spent about half of his weekends ministering in the interior of the country. Kathy Crossley, an MK herself, helped to establish the Sunday School Department. She was an advisor to the National Dorcas (Ladies’ Ministries). She taught in retreats, camps, ladies’ conferences, fellowship meetings, and the Bible school and kept the wheels running smoothly at home. In January 2003, Crossley became the regional director for South America. He now oversees the churches in the ten nations of the South American Region. The churches in five of the ten nations are under national leadership; therefore he is a vital liaison between these countries and the international church. He chairs many board meetings and national ministerial business meetings. Along with this, a great portion of his work has been dedicated to bringing their constitutions and by-laws up-to-date. In several countries this will allow them to elect their leadership. Kathy Crossley remains active ministering in ladies' retreats and conferences throughout the region. She is also regional coordinator for World Network of Prayer.



Darry: teaching, preaching, leadership seminars, marriage seminars,

Kathy: teaching, ladies seminars, marriage seminars, children's ministries


Darry's birthday is November 2nd and Kathy's birthday is May 20th.


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