David and Kelley

Both David and Kelley Dibble were raised in precious Truth. They met at the former Gateway College (now Urshan College), married in 1981 and raised two great girls. Dana married Justin Stouder in 2013; Danielle married Rev. Corey Boyte in 2011. During more than three decades of ministry the Dibbles served in a variety of roles: pastoral assistants, North American missionaries to central Missouri, full-time evangelists in the U.S. from coast to coast, and for a year on AIM in the Philippines. Appointed as intermediate missionaries in 2001, David served on the UPCI~Philippines Executive Board and was president of two Philippine Bible schools. The Dibbles were appointed to Micronesia in 2008; Pacific Region Evangelism was added to their appointment in 2010. David serves on the Micronesia Executive Board and as District Administrator for Purpose Institute~Micronesia. The Dibbles actively train and mentor today’s and tomorrow’s godly spouses and parents, and disciple-leaders of Jesus Christ.

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