Robert and Gayle


Missionary, Asia

By invitation, Robert went to India for a month in 1989 to teach in the Scism Bible School and conduct revivals in several locations in the center and northern areas of India.

They were appointed to Southeast Asia in September 1990, and then changed their appointment to the Asia region in 1998.

Robert and Gayle Frizzell pioneered the UPC in Vietnam, Laos, the Golden Triangle, and Cambodia; they converted, established, and trained the ministry in these nations.

Additionally they started, a Thai Church, a Burmese, and an International Church in the city of Bangkok Thailand.

The International English speaking Church has ten (10) mid-week locations, with three (3) Sunday services in different locations in the city of Bangkok, and in the suburbs of Bangkok Thailand.

He assists the national Church in Myanmar with ministerial and leadership training, revivals and teaching in the Burmese Bible school.

They conduct ministry/church leadership and doctrine seminars in the Asia region.

He stated, 'When I begin something new in a place, I convert, disciple, and train local ministry to assume the new local, the new provincial, or new national church. They are to take upon themselves the ownership and the responsibility of the Church in their own nation.

When I go into an established national work, I reaffirm the doctrine in detail, encourage and strengthen the ministry, motivate them to greater evangelism and discipleship of their people, and teach what is requested by the national leadership.

Additionally, they have ministered to the national ministry in Italy, returned to India many times and taught in the Bible School in Nepal.


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