Keith and Beth


Missionary, Africa, Namibia

Keith and Beth Ikerd served as assistant pastor in Longview, Washington, for five years before going to Namibia as Associates In Missions workers. In Namibia they taught Bible school students and visited remote preaching points, establishing one new church and property. After two years in Namibia, they served in Bophuthatswana as intermediate missionaries where they had the oversight of the work of the late Sister Wilma Nix.

Upon returning to the States, they settled in the great land of Alaska serving under Pastor Glover for thirteen years. In 2011 they received missionary appointment to Namibia, the land of their calling.

The Ikerds have served in missions a total of twelve years. They currently have nine churches and four satellite Bible schools. He serves as the superintendent of Namibia. Their goal upon returning to Namibia is to build up the pastors and young ministers, in order to establish more preaching points and churches all across this vast nation. The Ikerds will also endeavor to influence with the gospel the many people from the country of Angola who travel into Namibia. There is currently no resident missionary in Angola.

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