Harold and Helena

Harold Kinney was the Atlantic District’s Foreign Missions director when he and his wife, Helen, received their appointment to Finland in May 1986. They were the first UPCI missionaries to be appointed to Finland and arrived in September 1987. During the following year, he joined Samuel Balca in establishing contacts, transporting Bibles, and preaching in the Soviet Union. In October 1991 the Kinneys’ appointment expanded to include the newly independent Baltic Republics and Russia. During the Kinneys’ second term, they served as the furlough replacement for the Eddie Tilleys in Norway and then the Mike Tuttles in The Netherlands. Instead of furloughing, the Kinneys moved to Vienna, Austria, to fill a vital need. After laboring several years in Austria, the Kinneys were appointed as furlough replacements for Europe/Middle East Region in 2006.


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