Gary and Kristi

Gary and Kristi Landaw first went to the Caribbean in 1978 as furlough replacements for Bro. and Sis. Lloyd Shirley. It was there that they felt a call for Trinidad and Tobago and also developed a love for Puerto Rico. From 1981-1984 the Landaws based in Puerto missionary profile Rico and worked in several Caribbean Islands. In 1984 they moved to Trinidad and Tobago. From 1984-1990 the Landaws established the main church as well as planted other churches and started the Bible school. From 1991-1997 the Landaws' returned to Puerto Rico where they did evangelism and Bible school training. During that time they also worked with the church in Cuba teaching and preaching in several areas . In 1997 once again the Landaws moved back to Trinidad and worked in Bible school training, planting churches and giving leadership . In 2011 Puerto Rico became the focus of missionary work and this term they have been working with the church to see new works established and have worked to see the Bible school program become a part of the Global Association of Theological Schools. Bro. Landaw is also currently the Coordinator of Leadership Development of the Central America and Caribbean Region. Both Bro. and Sis. Landaw enjoy teaching in seminars and Bible school and have taught throughout the Caribbean.


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