James and Stacy


Missionary, South America, Bolivia

James and Stacy Marse have lived in New Waverly, Texas over the past 13 years and have attended Greater Christian Life under the leadership of Pastor O. L. Powell, Sr. As active members of the local church, they served as youth leaders for almost 5 years, beginning in 1999. In 2006, the Marse family traveled to Bolivia as AIMers and stayed there for 21/2 months. They returned to Bolivia in May of 2008 and lived there for almost 14 months. During this time, they attended language school to study Spanish and helped the missionaries in different capacities. In 2009, they returned to their home church in Waverly and worked where needed, such as teaching home Bible studies and working in Sunday school. Brother Marse also assisted a pastor in a neighboring town by teaching bilingual Bible studies. James and Stacy Marse received their missionary appointment to Bolivia in October, 2011. They will live in the city of Santa Cruz, which is the largest city in Bolivia, with the intent of starting a church. From this church, plans are to eventually start daughter churches throughout the city and surrounding areas. The main goal is to one day have services that minister to the people of Bolivia in the languages of English, Spanish, Portuguese, Quechua and Guarneri. The latter two are native indigenous languages.

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