Ray and Judi


Shortly after the Iron Curtain fell in Eastern Europe, laypersons Ray and Judi Nicholls walked through an open door that led to Belarus. The new Belarusian government allowed them to conduct church services as they established Accelerated Christian Education schools. Within a short period of time, Belarusians were receiving the Holy Ghost. The first one was a university student in Nicholls’s marketing class. In 1995, after serving as an AIMer for three years, Ray Nicholls received his ministerial license and a missionary appointment to Belarus. After a term of service, they returned to Wisconsin and pastored Faith Apostolic Church in Park Falls. However, their burden for global missions remained. In answering their call, Ray and Judi Nicholls were appointed as UPCI missionaries to Poland in September 2000. They arrived on the field in June 2002 and are working with groups in six cities in Poland.

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