Paul and Stephanie
“Lord, I am available, send me!” has been the heart’s cry of Paul and Stephanie since they were filled with the Holy Ghost…And God has certainly done just that! They served on the Associates In Missions program in San Andres, Colombia in 2006 and 2007. In 2007, they were appointed as missionaries to Costa Rica, Paul’s native country. They arrived in Costa Rica in 2009. There they pastored a thriving work, began a daughter work, served as the Sunday School coordinators, and were active in teaching in the Bible school, preaching, leadership, evangelism efforts, discipleship, training seminars, children’s ministries, and helped in the transition to becoming a nationalized work.

In 2015 they were appointed as missionaries to Puerto Rico, the island of enchantment. They have pastored a new work in the city of Caguas. Bro. Rivero has served as a presbyter and evangelism director in the country. He has been involved in preaching, teaching in the Bible schools, evangelism, training, Sunday school seminars, prophecy seminars, helping with relief aid, and anything else that was needed or asked of them by veteran missionary to Puerto Rico, Rev. Gary Landaw.

The Rivero’s are excited about what God is doing in Puerto Rico. Upon their return they look forward to serving in any capacity that is needed, from church planting, to teaching in the Bible school, to coordinating and training laborers in evangelistic efforts. Whatever it may be, they have made themselves available to be used for His Kingdom, for His Passion, and most certainly for His Glory.

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