Oscar and Erin


Being raised in the country of Portugal, Brother Rodrigues was a product of missions. He received the Holy Ghost at age fourteen under the ministry of missionaries William and Bonnie Markham. Brother Rodrigues was blessed to work closely with the Markham's in Portugal until 2001 when he came to the U.S. to attend CLC Bible college. His dream was to one day take this beautiful gospel to his people. Sister Rodrigues, a native of California, knew from a very young age that missions was her burden and passion. She spent her youth attending various Youth on Missions trips, being open to the work of God and working closely with the ministry of her Pastor.

In 2010 the Rodrigues' were appointed as UPCI Missionaries to Portugal. Upon arriving in Portugal they instated the national Bible college where Brother Rodrigues is Bible College President and head instructor. The Rodrigues' pastor a growing church in the capital region of Lisbon where they teach and train men, women and families to work for God. It is their burden and desire to raise churches out of the central work in Lisbon. Brother Rodrigues serves as the national Secretary/Treasurer of UPC Portugal and Sister Rodrigues serves as the national Ladies President. Together with their two children, Levy and Lily, the Rodrigues' love doing what the Lord has called them to do, preaching the gospel and serving the beautiful souls of Portugal.

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