Daniel and Monica


Missionary, Asia, South Korea

Upon their arrival in Korea, the Rushings entered the Seoul National University language study program. After living for six months in Seoul they moved to Daejeon, a city of two million that doesn't have a Oneness church. They continued their language study at the local national university and started one on one language exchanges and Bible studies. At the same time, they started helping in the neighboring city at the UPCK church located there. July 29, 2018, Brother Rushing preached his first message in the Korean language at this church. On alternating Sundays they also work with the UPCI church at the US Military Base, Camp Humphreys, presenting the Gospel to the men and women deployed to Korea serving our nation. Brother Rushing is very active in the local UPCK district functions and they have been developing relationships with the pastors, pastor's wives, and constituents of the local churches that make up the UPCK. Because of the friendships fostered from their language exchange and Bible studies, they are on the verge of being able to establish a church in their home city of Daejeon. From this city located in the center of Korea, they plan to train, disciple, and to send forth preachers and teachers to the many unreached cities, towns, and regions of South Korea.

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