Focal Points


September 2021

2021 General Conference Preview

August 2021

Reports from Benin, Malawi, Bangladesh, Samoa and eSwatini.

July 2021

Reports from France, Madagascar, Spain and Venezuela.

June 2021

Reports from Leeward Islands, Benin, France, Guinea and Nicaragua.

May 2021

Reports from Trinidad and Tobago, Greece, Portugal and Spain.

April 2021

Reports from South Africa, the UK and Ireland, Hong Kong and Madagascar.

March 2021

Reports from Japan, Bangladesh, Croatia, Sierra Leone and Kenya.

February 2021

Reports from Nigeria, Croatia, Guyana, Dominican Republic and Fiji/Solomon Islands.

January 2021

General Conference 2020 Report


December 2020

Reports from Taiwan, Germany, Gabon and the Republic of Georgia.

November 2020

Reports from Peru, Nigeria and Lebanon.

October 2020

Reports from Venezuela, Spain, France and Kenya.

September 2020

2020 General Conference Preview

August 2020

Reports from the Nordics, Belgium, Greece, Brazil and Guatemala.

July 2020

Reports from Brazil, Latvia, Japan and Romania.

June 2020

End of the year projects.

May 2020

Reports from Brazil, France, Ghana, Philippines, Asia Military Ministries, Sweden and Uruguay.

April 2020

Reports from Iceland, Guatemala, Croatia, Puerto Rico, Portugal, eSwatini, Dominican Republic, Argentina and Fiji.

March 2020

Reports from Brazil, Guinea, Portugal, Finland, Austria, Europe/Middle East Region and Guyana.

February 2020

Reports from Zambia, Iceland, the Philippines, Finland, South Korea, Latvia and the Dominican Republic.

January 2020

Report from General Conference 2019.


December 2019

Reports from Venezuela, Ghana, Republic of Georgia, Vietnam and Northern Europe.

November 2019

Reports from the United Kingdom, Northern Eurasia, Spain, Tanzania, Cuba, Guatemala, Asia Military Ministries and New Zealand.

October 2019

Reports from Belize, Iceland, Cuba, Greece, France, Madagascar, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, Romania and Russia.

September 2019

General Conference 2019 Preview

August 2019

Reports from Iceland, Ghana, Japan, Romania and Nicaragua.

July 2019

Reports from New Zealand, Bangladesh, Uruguay and Romania.

June 2019

End of the year projects from each region.

May 2019

Reports from Iceland, Scotland, Paraguay, Chile, France, Czech Republic and Micronesia.

April 2019

Reports from Senegal, Guyana, Ghana, the Dominican Republic, Eswatini, Greece, Pakistan, Greenland, Micronesia and Colombia.

March 2019

Reports from Chile, Ghana, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Austria, Uruguay and Sierra Leone.

February 2019

Reports from Belize, Finland, New Zealand, Benin, the Republic of Georgia, Japan, Austria, Nicaragua, the Philippines and Sierra Leone.

January 2019

Report from the 2018 General Conference.


December 2018

Reports from Ghana, the Republic of Georgia, Tanzania and Jordan.

November 2018

Reports from Belize, Czech Republic, Scotland, Greece, Uruguay and Madagascar.

October 2018

Reports from the United Kingdom, Korea, Pacific Region, Ireland, Ghana, Finland, Paraguay and Cuba.

September 2018

2018 General Conference Preview

August 2018

Reports from Bulgaria, Uruguay and Pakistan.

July 2018

Reports from Paraguay, New Zealand and Haiti.

June 2018

End of the year projects from each region.

May 2018

Reports from Iceland, Chile, Japan, Bangkok, Vanuatu, French Guiana, Spain and Greece.

April 2018

Reports from Belize, Paraguay, France, Vietnam, Croatia, Greece, Scotland, Uruguay, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone and Faith Promise.

March 2018

Reports from Guatemala, Reunion, Argentina, Estonia, and Latvia.

February 2018

Reports from New Zealand, France, Cuba, South America, Guam, Colombia, and Peru.

January 2018

Report from General Conference 2017.