Aim and Next Step Applications

The AIM program has grown to over 250 active participants. AIMers assist with building projects, type, teach Bible studies, do plumbing and electrical work, preach, distribute tracts, home-school MKs, run presses... AIMers can do just about anything! If you are 18 or older and can spare 2-12 months and want to be involved in a God-venture guaranteed to change your life, check into Associates in Missions!

In it’s 15th year, NEXT STEPS is the perfect balance of training (3 weeks) and apprenticing (5 weeks) in a missions environment outside North America. Visit for more information and to see what participants have had to say about their experiences. NEXT STEPS, it’s the perfect bridge between AYC and the Global Missions Associates in Missions (AIM) programs.

  • 2021 Locations: East Asia and Fiji
  • Application Deadline: January 18, 2020