Missions Involvement

Missions Involvement

Global Missions is a large ministry made up of thousands of individuals who have felt the call to go and spread the gospel. Do you feel called? The first step is to pray and speak to your pastor about your burden for the mission field.


Attention Pastors!  Global Missions is seeking NEXT GEN missionaries.

Global Missions is seeking NEXT GEN missionaries and is in need of you, pastors and leaders, to assist us in identifying who they are so we can help develop them for service. We encourage you to test them through your mentoring processes, give them opportunities to be involved in evangelism locally, and let them participate in the missions vision of your local church. When they are ready, let us train them and walk with them through our Short-Term Missions programs. We are committed to bringing, “The Whole Gospel to the Whole World…by the Whole Church,” and are actively providing a pathway to the harvest and creating a community of laborers. How many NEXT GENners you can send our way?


Learn about Missions


GoNEXT Kids -  www.globalconnextions.org

In an effort to sow good seed into good soil, Global Missions is seeking to begin the process of including the Alpha Generation in its missional scope. The Alpha Generation refers to those born since 2010. We are intent on mobilizing as many people in this group as possible to be “Global Christians!” Why? Because global Christians pray for the lost, they give their time, talents and resources to caring for others, and some are invited by the Lord of the Harvest to serve as NEXT GEN missionaries. For this reason, we have set aside time and resources on September 15, 2018 to gather children together for our first Global ConNEXTions Kids event. It will be a day of immersive prayer for the nations and hands-on discovery of the needs others have for Jesus. For more information and to register, go to www.globalconnextions.org.



Global ConNEXTions - www.globalconnextions.org

Global Missions will be hosting its second Global ConNEXTions Weekend in St. Louis on October 18-20, 2018. The first one was an unprecedented success as hundreds gathered to experience a great mix of inspiration, interaction and information. This one, not a reboot of the first, will be the perfect place for NEXT GEN missionaries to discover, prepare and go! Help send us those in your congregations who are ready to discover new and growing Short-Term missions opportunities so we can help prepare their hearts and minds for the harvest…so you can send them out from your local congregations! Discover>Prepare>Go!


Experience Missions

After speaking to your pastor and prayer, there are several ways that you can get involved. The best starting point is to experience missions on a trip. There are several trips to consider:


  • Apostolic Youth Corps trips - www.apostolicyouthcorps.com
    • AYC trips are through the UPCI Youth Ministries. These are generally two week trips with groups of 20-100 people.
  • International Trips sponsored by your district or local church


Short-Term Involvement

Many who experience a missions trip feel their call confirmed and seek the next step. There are several short-term missions opportunities that are a part of Global Missions.


Next Steps - www.nextstepsprogram.net

Next Steps is an eight-week program. It is always hosted during the months of June and July. There are three weeks of intensive training and five weeks on the field in a hands-on apprenticeship with the missionary. This team is typically capped at a group of twenty-five people.

Starting this July Global Missions will begin receiving applications for NEXT STEPS 2019 assignments. In its 13th year, NEXT STEPS is the perfect balance of training (3 weeks) and apprenticing (5 weeks) in a missions environment outside North America. Visit nextstepsprogram.net for more information and to see what participants have had to say about their experiences. NEXT STEPS, it’s the perfect bridge between AYC and the Global Missions Associates in Missions programs.


Associates In Missions - www.aim2go.org

All around the world committed, missions-focused individuals are making a massive impact through the Associate in Missions, or AIM, program. Presently, 380 AIMers are working to bring the whole gospel to the whole world, but there is still room for more. AIMers are involved in part-time and full time-ministry including work in churches, Bible schools, orphanages, cancer associations, ESL training, and more. Whether through conventional or non-conventional means, Global Missions is committed to providing a pathway to the harvest and creating a community of laborers through the AIM program. Must be 18 to apply. Visit AIM2go.org for more information and to view monthly updates from current AIMers.

Associated Minister

Associated Ministers make trips to the missions field to minister. They serve under “volunteer” status, raise their own funds, and do not live on the missionary field.


Associate Missionary Program

The Associate Missionary Program, or AMP, is the last stop in our current development program of short-term missions personnel. Because we at Global Missions are committed to the ongoing process of raising up multiple generations of Global Christians and because of the need for a more flexible and robust advanced short-term missions option, AMP was born in 2017. Just as Next Steps serves as a bridge between AYC and AIM, AMP serves as a bridge between short-term and long-term commitments in global missions service. AMP is proof of our commitment to help transition missions workers from short-term to long-term commitments!

Lifetime or Long-Term Involvement

While serving in short-term ministry, you may feel that this is where God has called you to be on a full-time basis. Global Missions desires to support passionate ministers that God has called to the mission field to be able to serve full-time in the ministry.

Intermediate Missionary

Intermediate missionary is a full-time missionary status supported by Partner’s In Missions (PIM). The appointment is indefinite and is the first of two levels in financial supported Global Missions. Previous missions experience at the Associate level is recommended.

Career Missionary

Career missionary is a full-time missionary status for ordained ministers supported by Partner’s In Missions (PIM). The appointment is indefinite and is the second of two levels in financial supported Global Missions. Previous missions experience at the Intermediate level is recommended.