Aaron and Tiffany


Missionary, South America, Brazil

Aaron and Tiffany met in 2008 while at Indiana Bible College and after both had graduated, they married in July 2011. Immediately after marrying Aaron and Tiffany served as youth pastor and wife in Temecula, CA, for two years before becoming Associates in Missions to Brazil in August 2013. After that first 6-month trip, they felt that God had called them to return back to Brazil. They both became General licensed ministers with the UPCI in July 2014 and then returned to Brazil in December of that same year. Aaron and Tiffany have continued living in São Paulo and have since gained fluency in the Portuguese language. Together they preach and teach in home Bible studies, the local Bible school, local churches, and conferences. In September 2016 they received missionary appointment, and now it is their burden to reach the thriving metropolis of São Paulo with the gospel, planting churches and aiding the locals in training and evangelism.

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