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Career Missionaries to France since October 1993, Paul and Darla Brochu have worked both in Western France and in the capital, Paris, propagating the Apostolic Message of the Book of Acts.

When the Brochus arrived in Châtellerault in July 2000, their goal was to plant a church that could serve as a beacon to reach other areas of the West. They have since established a congregation, purchased and renovated a building, and continue to oversee elements of the work there.

Paul and Darla Brochu’s ministry expanded in the summer of 2013 when they assumed the pastorate of the international church in Paris.  As a world-class city of almost 11 million people, Paris is home to many foreign laborers.  A thriving work grew out of that community, creating a strong base from which to reach the French capital.  Currently, the Brochu’s primary focus is on expanding the Paris work through evangelism, training leadership, establishing new preaching points and opening new home cell groups in various parts of the city and outlying areas.

Along with these areas of ministry, Paul Brochu is an instructor at the French Bible Institute. He is a member of the French National Board, and serves as Area Coordinator for Western Europe in the Europe-Middle East Region of the UPCI.

The Brochu’s Global Missions involvement began in 1990 when they arrived in Luxembourg to serve as furlough replacements for Missionaries Arlie and Rebekah Enis. They went on to pastor an American military congregation in Nuremburg, Germany prior to their 1993 appointment to France.  A Maine native of French-Canadian descent, Paul Brochu and his wife Darla are founders of the First Apostolic Church in Wilton, Maine.

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