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Colleen Carter was on the Associate In Missions program for eight years to Ghana, West Africa, with the Jim Poitras and Nick Sisco families. As an AIMer, Colleen helped with MK schooling, taught at ACTS Ghana, operated the Pass the Word printing office, was involved in Reaching Africa’s Children while assisting the missionaries in many other ways.

She received her intermediate missionary appointment to Ghana in September 2007. After deputation and upon arrival in 2010, she continued the aforementioned tasks. In 2012 she moved to the north where she resided in Tamale for almost six years. She assisted with the growth of the church primarily throughout the three northern regions while working to further growth throughout the nation as a whole. Colleen taught at the extension Bible school in Tamale, coordinated the Pass the Word printing office, and was involved in training adults and children throughout the northern regions. She served as the northern regional Children’s Ministry director and the northern regional ACTS representative.

In June 2014 she received her Bachelor of Arts in Religious Education through distance education with Global University, Springfield, MO. At the beginning of her second term in 2015, Colleen upgraded to career missionary. She continued with the aforementioned tasks and also ministered at the female prison in Tamale. In November 2017, she relocated back to the capital city of Accra. She continues to fulfill her numerous duties while teaching again at ACTS Ghana.

She is the Bible Quizzing Coordinator for the nation, and also serves as the West Africa Sub-regional missions secretary/treasurer and the Africa Aflame literature coordinator. In September 2018, Regional Teaching Ministry was added to Colleen’s appointment. And in 2019 her field was changed to Gabon.  Her profound love for teaching God’s Word is now spanning nations of the Africa region. Colleen Carter is originally from New Brunswick, Canada.

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