Robert and Lisbeth


Missionary, Bolivia, South America Missionary, South America, Bolivia

Robert Dame was born and raised in New Hampshire and is a graduate of Indiana Bible College. He served in the countries of Argentina and Guatemala on the Associates In Missions program. It was in Guatemala that he met his wife Lisbeth after his fifth AIM trip. Lisbeth was born and raised in Guatemala City, Guatemala, where she began to be involved in teaching Sunday school at the age of twelve. She worked as a volunteer, ministering to the children and families who lived and worked at the Guatemala dump. Many children received the gospel and found a better life through her work. After graduating from the university there, Sis. Dame returned to continue the campus ministry she had started as a student. When they married, the Dameses founded and pastored the Spanish daughter work in Houma, Louisiana. After pastoring there for five years they left to serve as missionaries to Bolivia in 2004. The Dameses are now working extensively in the prison ministry, preaching the gospel at the men’s, women’s, and juvenile prisons, as well as ministering to the children who live in the prisons with their parents. The Dameses now pastor the church they founded in February 2012, where several families who were baptized in the prisons now attend. On Sundays they pick up twenty-five children from the prison and take them to Sunday school.

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