Chris and Penny


Missionary, Africa, Malawi

The Gibbses family spent two years in Malawi, Africa, under the Associates In Missions program serving as UPCI representatives for the nation. Chris Gibbs was appointed as Apostolic Bible College principal and served on the Executive Board of the Malawi UPC. In October 2012 Chris and Penny and their two children, Caleb and Jacie, received their missionary appointment to Malawi. Upon their return to the field, the Gibbses have seen over 200 new churches started in the nation of Malawi. Over the last eight years in Malawi, the Lord has beautifully filled over 35,000 souls with the gift of the Holy Ghost, 220 men and women have come through Apostolic Bible College in Blantyre and are now pastoring thousands. The winds of revival have moved across Malawi's Sunday schools, college universities, and even at funeral services, where thousands have received the Holy Ghost and have been baptized. The Chris and Penny have hosted numerous AIMers and are always interested in hosting churches, youth groups and those with a burden to help see the harvest of souls. Malawi affords many ministry opportunities from teaching in Apostolic Bible College, evangelism, outreach, graphic design, construction projects at every level, children's ministry, youth ministry, campus ministry and compassion services projects.

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