Fonzell and Vanencia


Fonzell and Vanencia Marsh have pastored for 5 years in Okinawa, Japan, where he also has served as Assistant Pastor and Assistant Coordinator Asia Military District for several years prior, although born-again in Germany through the military work there. After serving the military church for 7 years and moving to Okinawa, they were appointed as AIMers in 2007. While serving on the AIM program and still active duty military, they received their appointment as pastor of the church in Okinawa in 2009. After retirement from the military in 2011, the Marsh's received their associate missionary appointment to Okinawa. Brother Marsh has served as Outreach Coordinator and hosted the Asia Military District Men's Conference, as well as ministered in the military prisons on Okinawa. Sister Marsh has served as Ladies' Leader and Children's Prayer Coordinator and hosted the Asia Military District Ladies' Conference, as well as a guest speaker to the conference. They are involved in ministry through ushering, teaching, Youth leaders, Sunday school teachers and worship leaders. When returning to the field, they will be working to establish new Bible Study/Cell groups on all the military bases throughout both Japan and Korea, as well as training up more leaders and licensed ministers, so they can also be used in the North American churches once their tour of duty is over.

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