David and Yonda


David & Yonda Schwarz received their career missionary appointment in 1988. Upon arrival to the field in 1991, Brother Schwarz became director of the Bible school. In 1992, he became the president of the national work and served until 2011. Sister Schwarz served as the treasure and director of the ladies on a national level from 1992 until 2011. Brother and Sister Schwarz pioneered a church in the central valley, which they pastored for 12 years. During their tenure, the work has grown in every aspect. Currently there are 85 churches and preaching points, 50 licensed ministers, 60 students currently studying in the Bible school, over 6,000 constituents, economic stability and positive growth and maturity in all areas of the work. At the 2011 General Conference, Brother and Sister Schwarz were appointed as Regional Directors of Central America/Caribbean. They are now lifting their sights from just one country to an entire region. They will be working with all the missionaries and national leaders in the Caribbean Islands, Mexico and Central America. They are dedicating themselves to serve the region by being the extended hand needed, the encouragement, a friend in time of need, and the voice before Global Missions. They will promote growth by every means available so that the revival will continue.


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