Lynden and Kathy


Regional Director, Asia

Missionaries George and Margaret Shalm reared their son Lynden and his older brother, Allan, in India. After his Bible school training, Lynden Shalm pastored in Belleville and Beaverton, Ontario, and served as the Ontario District youth secretary for five years. He was the principal of the United Pentecostal Bible Institute in Fredericton, New Brunswick, when he and his wife were appointed as missionaries to Sri Lanka and Pakistan in 1984. In Pakistan he served as the general secretary of the UPC in Pakistan, principal of New Life Training Center in Lahore, and supervisor for the Central District. He “worked very closely with the national leadership to press toward the goal of having the Pakistanis provide their own leadership and direction to the UPC of Pakistan.” He also conducted leadership and youth training seminars and preached crusades and evangelistic outreaches. In 2002, the UPCI’s General Board appointed Shalm as the regional director for the Asia Region. As the director, he oversees the entire Asian region and seeks to open new areas to the gospel.


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