Monte and Dianne


Inter-Regional Evangelist, International

It was after fourteen years of full-time ministry, eight years as evangelists and six years pastoring in Wisconsin, that the Showalters accepted their call into missions. After serving on the Associates In Missions program in Haiti, Monte and Dianne were appointed career missionaries to El Salvador in 1986. They served as superintendent of the work in Guatemala from 1992 to mid-1997. They now serve as inter-regional missionary evangelists and also as the international coordinators of Global Campus Ministries. As missionary evangelists, they offer a variety of seminars on church growth, teaching on every aspect of evangelism and discipleship. They help organize crusades and have helped national works develop Bible school programs. They teach annually at Harvest Bible School in Glasgow, Scotland, as well as in Purpose Institute overseas. They also help in starting campus ministries and enjoy teaching university students.

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