Thanks to the tremendous response at General Conference we have been able to send back numerous missionaries to their field. To God be the glory for this blessing and for the wonderful revival that will come from them being where God called them to be.

At the end of the service a call to sacrifice was made and the final offering with cash and pledges passed $2.4 million.

As a result of the 2017 Global Missions "I AM GLOBAL" offering:

  • Saved over 11.8 years of deputation time which means vastly increased time on the field in which a missionary is called.
  • Saved a total of $825,028 in travel costs to missionaries on deputation.
  • Saved local churches $509,160 in hosting costs which means more funds can be given that ends up being used directly on the mission field.
  • Decreased the amount of services needed in districts.
  • Increased reports of souls being saved and projects being accomplished because the missionary is able to fulfill their calling sooner.

Thank you for your generous giving to worldwide revival.

    The following missionaries are heading back to the field:

     Michael and Valita Patterson
     Stephen and Yvonne Nix
     Richard and Jean Lucas
     Robert and Gayle Frizzell
     Luke and Samantha Campbell       
     Fonzell and Vanencia Marsh    
     Oscar and Erin Rodrigues
     Rusty and Adriane Riddick
     Amber Hackenbruch    
     Daniel and Tabitha DeTemple
     Five missionaries that cannot be named due to location.