Steve and Yvonne

In late 1995 the Nixes transferred to Nicaragua, where they have served from 1996 to present. Steve has been the director of the Bible school in Nicaragua since their arrival in 1996, and with a vision of expanding and improving its program, successfully initiated the GATS curriculum. As sub-regional coordinator for GATS, he has worked closely with Regional GATS Coordinator Brad Thompson, participating in many teacher-training seminars in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama and Puerto Rico. He has also been a guest speaker for other GATS teacher-training seminars in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Spain.

Steve served as advisor to the Nicaraguan national church officers in helping to modernize the national church administration and has served as national treasurer since 2000. In 2016 he began training a national pastor to take over the job of the national treasurer so that he may dedicate more of his time to the Bible school and national travels upon their return to the field during their next term.

Bro. and Sis. Nix have been involved with four major crusades in Nicaragua where, in total, more than 4,000 received the Holy Ghost. Yvonne also worked along with national ladies’ ministries leadership to host two national ladies’ conferences, which had an attendance of more than 4,000 ladies in each conference. In these two conferences, nearly 600 ladies received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

In conjunction with national leadership, Steve assisted with the acquisition of seven acres of property. The construction of the Nicaraguan church's national offices and Bible school building has been the fulfillment of his vision and dream for over fifteen years. The building was dedicated in October 2014, and the vision continues! They are praying for the Lord to provide funding for a large tabernacle on the property in which national events can be hosted without having to rent other facilities.

Steve has traveled extensively throughout Nicaragua by every means possible – car, public bus, riverboat, horseback, jungle walking and airplane . . . in cities, villages and jungle river churches. In twenty-one years of ministering in Nicaragua, the Nixes have personally seen literally over a thousand receive the Holy Ghost. They have taught many seminars at church, district and national levels. Additionally, Steve has traveled throughout Central America by invitation to teach in the various countries, as well as in the annual Central American Seminar. He has served as the secretary of the Central American Council since 1999 and has also served as the recording secretary in the last three Spanish Summits.

In 2010 Steve had the privilege of teaching and preaching in one of the first public seminars of the recognized church in Cuba. Since his appointment as Area Coordinator in Central America he has traveled to various Central American countries to strengthen and support leadership and represent Regional Director David Schwarz whenever necessary.

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